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Chienkuo marks the first University in central Taiwan integrating the sport, health, and leisure and recreation in unified department thus takes the advantage of not only combining the benefits of sports management and recreation management, as well as integrating tourism in leisure services. The department was founded in accordance with the national economical development policy and the recreational needs of citizens and related Leisure and Recreation industries. The department program is aiming at these three fields: (1). general health and promotion and inquiries, (2). creation activities design and practice, creation (3). leisure business management Based on these three objectives, during academic learning period, students are able to learn a broad range of professional knowledge and skills in the field of sports, health, and/or leisure according to their needs which enhance their competitive ability on job seeking and performance after graduation. Due to the Institute geologically location, the department also manages the Changhua city swimming facility providing aqua activity trainings and services. These make our department unique advantages for developing water recreation and sports more than any other universities and colleges in Taiwan.